How Can I Support My Child With Their Education? Top 5 Tips

One of the most challenging times faced by us all has increased worry in parents about how they can support their child with their education. See below for some advice from the EH5 Learning team

How can I support my child with their education? Top 5 Tips


One of the best ways to help your child is to encourage and praise them when they have done a piece of homework, read a book or completed a project. There is no better feeling as a human than being told ‘Well Done’ and it will create a positive environment around learning.


Young people like routines and structure on a day to day, week to week and month to month basis. With opportunities restricted currently due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation a structure in the home will help. We recognise that this can be difficult however even basics like eating at the same time of the day can help.


Sleep is absolutely vital for young people growing up. A minimum of 8 hours sleep will help a young person massively! It helps makes them more engaged when they are learning in school and it allows them to recharge their body and mind when they are going through so much change.


We have all been there. How was school today? Fine. What did you do? Nothing much. All of a sudden, it is the end of the conversation and it is not a positive one! Try to be creative with this to allow a positive conversation to take place. Instead of ‘How was school today?’ try ‘Tell me two things that you really enjoyed today?’ or ‘Tell me one thing that you enjoyed learning about today?’ You will be amazed that with a positive word like ‘enjoyed’ it might spark a positive conversation.


All young people will make mistakes and find parts of their education challenging at points. This is where a growth mindset is vital! A simple example is a young person might say ‘I can’t do this equation’ and you can support them into a more positive mindset by reframing the words by saying ‘You can’t do this equation yet’ which makes the young person recognise that over time they will able to improve and do the equation if they keep a positive mindset.

We hope this helps and if you do want to join the many families that use EH5 Learning to help support their child just simply click on this link and we will look to support in any way we can!

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